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Monday (6/22) Crossroads Update

In this post today are the following updates:

The Governor will likely move our area to GREEN phase on Friday.

On the road to regathering...

Praise the Lord!

It is very likely that our area is moving from the Governor’s YELLOW phase to the GREEN phase this Friday (6/26). This won’t quite mean “business as usual,” but it will be a return for businesses. Everything can open. (more detail here)
There will be restrictions on how many people can be in a business. We will still be encouraged to wear masks, wash hands, stay home if we’re sick, etc. There are still risks, especially to those who are vulnerable. In other words, Coronavirus remains a physical threat. 
However, we are not in as much danger of spreading the virus nor are we in danger of overwhelming our hospitals.  In fact, Coronavirus testing is increasing and the number of new cases per day is decreasing. Praise the Lord!

Prepare for the new threat

We face a different threat from Coronavirus now. It is not the direct threat of illness, but a subtle, spiritual threat to our congregation, our community, and our nation. 
We’ve all been part of a ceaseless news cycle that feeds us conflicting and/or changing information.  We have all been under tremendous stress and uncertainty for months. We’ve experienced wounds, losses, and trauma to one degree or another.
Now, we face a reopening process that is complex. No matter your evaluation of what we should have done or could have done or might have done. It is done. We have to move forward at some point. But when and how?
That’s the focal point of the spiritual threat, not merely answering the question, “What now?” but handling the vast differences in answers that we have about reopening.
We’ve heard strong opinions coming from various perspectives - nationally, locally, and in our congregation. We’ve heard from Fauci, Birx, and Trump; from Wolf and Levine; from various news outlets and social posts; from webinars, webinars, and more webinars. We’ve heard from many of you.

Our Current Approach

The elders of Crossroads are listening. We are praying. We are looking at these horizontal realities and beyond them. We are seeking wisdom. That is, the intersection of a right understanding of the world (horizontal) and rigorous faith in the Lord (vertical). wisdom-faith-understanding
At this point, we are considering the options. Each option has its own implications and/or consequences. They all involve differing levels of risk and/or safety.  They all require decisions and all require implementation of at least some new practices. They will require effort. And they will all bring opportunities for misunderstanding and conflict (the spiritual threat).
We are confident that we will meet again. Certainly, if the gates of hell cannot overpower the Church, a virus won’t either (Matthew 16:18). We will sing the songs of praise to our God who sits on the throne, and to the lamb (Revelation 7:10).
Meanwhile, The most important decision you can make right now is to stay positive: commit to working together, to solving problems, and to seeking the Lord’s favor and wisdom.  Let's come together to handle the challenges in front of us wisely - for God's glory and our good.
     -- Pastor Mike

I am sure you have questions or concerns about reopening. Please feel free to share them with me or another elder. Please email or call one of us.

Sunday Recap

pastordavid2The worship service from yesterday is now available "on demand" at our website or on Facebook Live.  The message by Pastor Mike was on Ephesians 4:30-5:2, "Changing Your Grip". Pastor David Van Meerbeke led worship and Justin Henney was our main musician.
The Sermon Complementary Lesson # 11: "God's Unconditional Love removes Fear" by Elder Ellis is available on our website or Facebook Live.


Prayer Meetings

Please review the options below and join in our regular times of prayer as you are able. We are offering various times of day so that you might find at least one slot that fits your schedule. To get reminders of upcoming meetings, please sign up using the green button below.

Monday evening prayer with Pastor William Jarwood now starts at 8:15 PM.

Tuesday mornings 6:30 AM - 7:15 AM on Zoom with Pastor Mike. 
Tuesday evening (Women's Prayer Time) at 9:00 PM

Wednesday evenings 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM on Zoom with Elder Allen Ellis. 

Thursday mid-day 11:00 AM - noon on Zoom with Pastor David Van Meerbeke. 

If you have any trouble accessing the prayer meetings, please email or call the church office at (610) 352-3130. Sign up for prayer meeting reminders:


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