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Shining the light of Jesus Christ from the hill at the crossroads to the nations

10:30 AM Worship Service

Crossroads Community Church

104 Heather Road

Upper Darby, PA 19082

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NEW!! Sermon series starting September 10

 2023 gospel of Mark Series with worship time - web banner

Not that long ago “the news” arrived just once or twice per day, inked onto paper pages. Then came the 6 pm and 11 pm news broadcasts on TV.

Later, CNN brought 24 hours of global events and ESPN brought a sporting event “ticker tape” to the bottom of the screen.  Other news channels popped up. The internet added digital versions of everything. 

We now literally get “news” every second. Whether you allow passive “push” notifications or actively “pull to refresh” or just keep scrolling, more and more and more keeps coming.

Non stop. All. The. Time. 

Those notifications on social media, your unread email count, and every other notification tell you that something new has arrived. They urge you to pay attention to what may or may not actually be important to you.

Our new series in the Gospel of Mark is going to cut through that noise to focus on notifications that really matter. We’re going to see how following Jesus Christ is rooted in some good news — the best news! — and it never gets old.

The good news that Mark shares will make you aware of what really matters… and, if you will hear it, it has the power to change you.

Join us for this new series starting on September 10 at our NEW worship time of 10:30 AM.


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